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Odoo Implementation

Odoo (formerly Open ERP) Implementation is being done by Itara It Solutions for last 6 years in

various versions. Itara has implemented open ERP versions like 5.0 to 7.0, Odoo Version 8.0, Odoo

9.0 , Odoo 10, Odoo 11, in community and enterprise. We normally approach based on complete requirement

gathering and solutions based. Solutions are provided with process with best practices in the

controlled environment.

Implementation Methodology



⦁    Addressing the requirements based on the criticality
⦁    Solutions based on best practises with controlled environment
⦁    Training users to maximum extend to ensure users to know the completeness of the process
⦁    Key success of ERP Implementation, is based on the users knowledge in the process in the application
⦁    Arriving Clear road map & update the management during the project progress
⦁    Defining Cut over strategy for go-live and execute go-live



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